GPS Data Collection

Rei-Lux AUS offers GPS waypoint location data of poles and columns. This service gives the asset owner the exact longitude and latitude locations of each of the poles tested. This service is in addition to the test results and date of the testing supplied as our standard offer.

A file is sent to the client at the conclusion of the testing which, when used in conjunction with Google Earth, gives each poles exact map coordinates. When viewed with Google Earth Streetview application the pole can be viewed as if you were standing close by it.

With this service Rei-Lux AUS can update the Asset Owner's pole and column database ensuring complete accuracy.

Aerial view in Google Earth (click to enlarge)

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Streetview in Google Earth (click to enlarge)

Google Earth If you have Google Earth loaded click on this link to view real time

Torque Testing of Foundation Bolts

Rei-Lux AUS can provide torque testing of bolt and nuts in base plate and slip base mounted poles and columns. For the slip base poles to function as intended it is important that the correct torque is applied and checked regularly. Over a period of time bolts can become loose and require re-tightening, this is especially important after an extreme weather event.

Bolts are checked with a torque wrench (Nm) to ensure they are tightened to the clients supplied standards and specifications.

Together with Rei-Lux AUS standard test and measuring equipment, the torque testing service ensures the pole or column undergoes a complete system and maintenance check providing surety of asset maintenance.

Torque Testing of Foundation Bolts

Torque Testing a Slip Base Pole (click to enlarge)

Typical Slip Base Pole (click to enlarge)

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  • Tests are quick and accurate
  • Warranty of up to 5 years including liability insurance
  • Latest proven European technology
  • Asset Management: Money spent on unnecessary replacements and current inspections can be used elsewhere
  • Safe load testing : no chance of overloading structures